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Thursday, September 21, 2006

OOPS! Too much?

Man, it felt great this morning!

I mean - a BEE-UTIFUL day!

Clear sky, nice breeze, temps in the low 50's.

I had a 6-miler planned with a pace of about 9:15 a mile. I thought I might push it a bit more if I felt good and come in just under 55 minutes. But I wasn't going to extend myself at all.

I warmed up a mile or two and then felt SOOO good I ran 20 seconds faster than my goal pace. Oops! Need to slow down! But then my fourth mile was even a bit quicker at 8:46. So then I didn't want a positive split so I decided to maintain that pace. I did a heckuva job too, coming in at eactly 8:46 for my fifth mile. My final mile was actually my fastest at 8:35. It was a nice 6 miles at 53:37.

I just hope I didn't push too hard. I GOT to be careful to avoid injury as I crank up the mileage these next 11 weeks. I really need only one speedwork session a week and did not mean to make this a tempo run. I have an easy 4 miles tomorrow and will have to reign myself in so I don't overdo it before the 12 mile long run Saturday!


Blogger Phil said...

Shane .. let's see how you feel in the morning. With the temperatures down you should be able to hold faster pace for the same amount of effort (your body isn't diverting the blood supply to the skin's surface to shed heat ... means more oxygen for your muscles).

If you aren't sore, then I wouldn't be too worried. If you are, just chaulk it up as a great tempo run.

Congrats, Phil

6:36 PM

Blogger Michele said...

The cooler temps are making it easier for me to run and my times are showing it too.

Congrats on the 6 miles and hope you are not having any problems as a result.

6:41 AM


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