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Thursday, August 10, 2006

Oh CRAP !!!!!

For the last ten weeks, the training has been going pretty well. I have steadily increased my mileage without facing any serious injuries and I am right on track for the 14.2 mile race on September 3rd. Or maybe I should say I WAS on track!

I mentioned in an earlier blog about my ankles hurting. That seemed to go away by Tuesday and I went on a 5 mile run yesterday. The run went well and I was feeling pretty good when I blogged a few hours later. But as the day went on, my left ankle began to hurt a little. Not a serious pain, mind you, but it was feeling a little sore and was pervasive throughout the remainder of the day.

Last night as I was talking to my wife in the kitchen, I was getting my running clothes ready and started to wonder about the ankle. I picked up my foot and looked at the area that is sore and right when the foot came up into the light, exclaimed aloud, "Oh CRAP!"

My wife asked, "What's wrong?" I showed her and she could easily see it as well. The area of the inside of my left foot, right below the anklebone, is significantly swollen!!! It almost looks like a mild sprain but without the bruising. It is puffy to the touch and is sore and stiff!

So I'm thinking "CRAPPPPP!". Once again, a few weeks from a race, I get an injury again! But this one seems like one I couldn't even control! You see, I did sprain this ankle early last year pretty badly playing racquetball. I didn't go and see a doctor but had to stay off of it for several weeks and it pretty much started me back at ground zero with my running. I am wondering if I may have reinjured it somehow with the long run on Saturday.

I iced it with a direct ice pack last night for more than 30 minutes and took some ibuprofen. Yet, it is still sore and a bit swollen this morning. I feel I have no choice but to skip my 7 miler this morning and the rest of the week's running is in jeopardy as well. I will probably try to get in to see the local sports medicine doctor and see what he can tell me. Hopefully, I can at least get better before race day. :-(


Blogger PLANET3RRY said...

you are best to rest it right now and do please see a doctor... They maybe able to prescribe some high-powered anti inflammatories that will help with recovery... keep us posted

5:05 AM

Anonymous Leonard said...

Something else to consider....
How many miles do your shoes have on them? You've been running for a while and have dropped a lot of weight. It's posible that the shoes don't have the needed support for your ankles any more.
Seems like I read a pair of shoes is only good for about 500 miles.

6:15 AM

Blogger Rick said...

Hate to hear about the ankle, Shane. That sucks. Do follow through and see the doc; other advice I'll leave for those who run at times other than when chased by wasps.


6:19 AM

Blogger Shane (mississip) said...

I have an appt with the doctor at 2 pm today so I will blog again when I hear the results.

9:19 AM

Blogger Jim said...

I'm with you dude. Oh Crap seems to happen to me a lot also. Several things . . . added too much mileage too quickly (not likely since you are following a program), shoes are dead as Leonard suggests (I think that we are basically the same build and regardless of brand I get around 350-400 miles then my ankles and knees tell me to go buy shoes).

The bottom line is to not get discouraged. You have put in your time and missing a few days at this point really won't hurt. You should be out of your strengthening phase and into your sharpening phase of training. DO NOT PANIC!

Don't forget that along with ice goes rest and elevation. Keep that puppy iced off and on, stay off of it as much as possible, and by all means keep it propped up!

Let us know how it goes.


10:20 AM

Blogger Phil said...

Shane ... no need to panic (although I understand the disappointment). You are in great shape and won't loose that if you need to take a few days off. If you belong to a gym or have access to an eliptical machine you might consider keeping your cardio conditioning up if you need to take a few days off from running on the ankel. Water running works well for some people also, although I can never get the hang of it.

Good luck. Keep us posted.

1:07 PM


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