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Saturday, August 12, 2006


My visit with Dr. Bibighaus went very well. He was a great doctor with a history as a runner and seemed to be the perfect person to go see. He felt around on each of my ankles and had me move them in different directions. He noted that my left ankle has less range of motion than the right and decided to do an x-ray. The x-ray did not show any problems so he said that he believes that the ankle is still weak from the bad ankle sprain I suffered last year. Sprains such as these are hard to get over. He said what I am experiencing now is essentially an overuse injury of a weak ankle.

Dr. Bibighaus prescribed me Celebrex as an anti-inflammatory and drew out a device he told me to make that will help strengthen my ankle. It is basically a piece of plywood 12 inches in diameter with half of a wooden ball attached on the bottom. He said to stand on it and rotate it around so the edge of the plywood touches all the way around and it will gradually strengthen that ankle. I found an illustration of this advice on the internet if you want to check out this link. It is the figure 7 -- the one called the "wobble".

I asked him about Osteo-biflex and he told me it is worth a try. He stated that he takes it himself for arthritis and thinks it makes a difference but there was no solid research that confirms it could help me as a runner. Have any of you out there tried it? It is not cheap so I hesitate to buy some buy someone at work told me it would be really good for all of the miles I am putting in.

Most importantly, he told me I can start back running Monday, as long as I use caution and stop if my ankle hurts. He told me to ice it after each run and said I was "braver than him" when I told him I take ice baths!

So, YEA!!!! It is not anything serious and hopefully I can get back on track Monday with only missing the one week of running. The ankle is a bit sore still but I am hoping the device and this medicine will help it come along. Dr. Bibighaus did say that he would be concerned if my ankle continued to cause me problems. He told me the next step would be physical therapy and, if that didn't help, an MRI to see if I needed surgery to repair the ligament. But I am thinking positive that the steps he gave me are going to take care of it!

I bought an extra water bottle holder for my mountain bike. On the long rides I find I want a little more than water. This way I can have a bottle for water and one for a sports drink. I am going out Sunday afternoon and plan to do a lot of riding on the 9 miles of trails at Elvis Presley Park. It is going to be a cooler weekend! YES!!!

P.S. > I have always gotten Celebrex confused with Viagra for some reason so I was taken aback for a second when he first told me he was going to give me some samples! I imagine I had a look of surprise for that second but thankfully he didn't notice!


Blogger Phil said...

This post had me laughing at the end. This is the first time I've ever seen Celebrex and Viagra mentioned in the same sentence! Thanks for the laugh.

The Osteo Biflex is essentially Glucosamine (1500 mg). You'll find a lot of runners (including this one) take it everyday. I started taking it after I was diagnosed with osteoarthitis in my big toes. Interestingly, my doctor prescribed Celebrex and Glucosamine for my problem also. I've long since dropped the Celbrex, but stayed with the Glucosomine.

You can probably purchase Glucosomine cheaper than the Osteo Biflex. I take 1500 mg per day; your needs may vary. D takes a vegetarian form of Glucosomine, but I don't have a clue where she gets it.

Good luck. Sounds like you didn't do any real damage and probably over stressed your ankles by increasing the distance on your long run a bit fast. It happens to all of us.

I was very happy to read this post though. This is great news.

10:30 AM

Blogger PLANET3RRY said...

I will never look at Celebrex the same way again...

Good news that the doctor didn't see anything broken or in need of repair. Stay cautious and take your meds. Phil has it right with the generics on Glucosamine (and some offer condroitin)

I don't take it, so I can't tell you anything either way...

Have fun taking your Celebrex *giggles*

7:54 AM


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