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Monday, July 31, 2006


I need help in figuring out what I need to do with my long run leading up to a 14.2 mile race on Sunday, September 3rd. Keep in mind that I plan to taper the week after the race and then shoot my miles back up with a marathon in mind for December 3rd. I will focus more on finishing the race than anything but I would like to finish in 2:15 if I can!

I have listed the long runs from the previous weeks below and have three scheduling scenarios I am considering for my long runs to come. I would appreciate some input on which scenario you think is best or any other ideas you may have.

Previous long runs and weekly mileage:

July 1 Long run – 9.0 Pace – 10:32 Weekly Mileage – 25.0 total

July 8 Long run – 10.0 Pace – 9:50 Weekly Mileage – 26.5 total

July 15 Long run – 10.0 Pace – 10:19 Weekly Mileage – 27.5 total

July 22 Long run – 12.0 Pace – 9:55 Weekly Mileage – 28.0 total

July 30 Long run - 13.5 Pace – 10:10 Weekly Mileage – 31.5 total

Here are the three different scenarios:

Scenario # 1:

Saturday, August 5th – 14.5 miles

Saturday, August 12th – 15 miles

Saturday, August 19th – 16 miles

Scenario # 1 maximizes my long run mileage so the 14.2 mile race won’t be as close to my endurance limit. Hopefully that would help me run a bit quicker pace to snag a better time.

Scenario # 2:

Saturday, August 5th – 12 miles

Saturday, August 12th – 14.5 miles

Saturday, August 19th – 12 miles

Scenarios # 2 keeps my miles at (or near) my current endurance limit, minimizing injury risk and basically giving me a 2-week taper leading up to race day.

Scenario # 3:

Saturday, August 5th – 14.5 miles

Saturday, August 12th – 15.5 miles

Saturday, August 19th – 12 miles

Scenario # 3 is basically a compromise of 1 and 2. It pushes my endurance level but gives me a better taper leading up to the race.

Right now I am leaning toward # 3 but would love your input. I am still new at this, especially at these mileages. I know that listening to my body is foremost but I like having a plan to try and go by.


Finally, just how long of a taper run should I schedule for a 14.2 mile race? I know I will have to do my taper on Friday, August 25th because I will be going out of town on Saturday for a whitewater rafting trip and figure I will be too tired to run on Sunday. I was thinking 10 miles but I didn’t know if that is too long and should go 8 miles instead. Advice on this would be appreciated as well!


Blogger PLANET3RRY said...

Right off the bat, I don't like Scenario 1. It's too much mileage before a race and even if you think you are going to run the race reasonable, you'll still run it pretty fast because of the race atmosphere.

For a 14 mile race, you don't need a 2 week. 14 days is what the minimum would be for the marathon (personally, 17 days works best for me). I think you need more of a 10 day taper for your race which would put you on Taper on the 24th.

Saturday, August 5th – 14.5 miles

Saturday, August 12th – 16 miles

Saturday, August 19th – 13 miles

Friday, August 25th - 8 miles

I'm leaning more for the 8 mile taper run. One because it's more recovery time on your body before the race. Two, You never have run 16 miles before, so at this point, you don't know how your body is going to react. Three, it's easier!

Also, September 3rd is 14 weeks out from a December 3rd marathon. So that's 14.2 miles PLUS everything you have done so far. You are going to have a great base, however, I think there is going to be some physocological speedbumps that you are going to have to manage. You will have been "In Training" for something for a long time and you may need to take a good breather after your 14.2 mile race. Not total withdrawl, but you may not want to attempt another 12+ mile run until the end of September. The good thing is that you have a HUGE headstart on your marathon training... so have time in the bank that you can spend. It'll also give your body time to heal before you go abuse it training for and running a marathon. But don't worry about that until Sept 4th! Wait, Make that Sept 5th (enjoy Labor Day!!)

8:56 AM

Blogger Shane (mississip) said...

So you would be leaning more to # 3 it sounds like. I am also leaning that way as well and figure I will find out if 16 miles is too much by a 14.5 miler.

I like the idea of giving myself a couple week break on the long runs. I don't want to get too burned out -- or wore out!

7:15 PM

Blogger Phil said...

Shane ... I agree with Planet3rry. No need over doing it. If you had another month or two to really train at these distances, you could do more. As it is, you've come a very long in a short period of time. You need to plan on giving your body a rest before your big race.


11:27 PM


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