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Wednesday, August 09, 2006

Mid-week Report

Saturday’s long run didn’t FEEL too hard but the aftereffects were pretty significant! My lower ankles and the bottom-sides of my feet were both pretty sore. I hobbled around Saturday and Sunday with ibuprofen seeming to be the only thing that helped. It did not feel like an injury of any kind, just soreness from all of the pounding my body is not yet used to.

Monday morning brought an improvement but I was a little concerned about running again and injuring myself. I decided to do a little cycling for 20 minutes and lifted weights. I felt a lot better and planned to run on Tuesday morning; however, we had a crisis at work early in the morning and I was unable to run. It was a hard day at the office so I was too zonked to try and run Tuesday evening. I was a little worried I might be losing my zeal for running but I knew I am too addicted to stop.

I ran 5 miles this morning at about an 8:53 pace. It was hot and I had to push myself a little more than I would have liked, but I am still feeling good now that it is a few hours later. I plan to run 7 miles tomorrow at around a 9:15 pace and will complete a real easy 4 miles on Friday. Hopefully, this won’t be too much leading up to the 16-miler on Saturday. It is the last BIG run before the 14.2-mile race in a few weeks so I will be happy to log it in the books! Then the long run mileage starts going down until I reach my 8 mile taper on the 25th. It’s getting closer!!!


Blogger PLANET3RRY said...

Don't be afraid to abort the 16 miler if, while running your ankles act up. It may have been as a result and you may not be completely healed. Get what miles you can though but avoid injury... I'd rather you break your ankles or pull a muscle during your run and have you limp/crawl over the finish line instead of getting hurt now and have a DNS for the race.

Nice... huh? ;-)

If your 7 miler goes well tomorrow, than you are probably going to be okay for your 16 miler. As a precaution... I would go into an ice bath immediately (or shortly after) your 16 miler... but I am not a doctor and it's been a while since I stayed at a Holiday Inn Express.

10:38 AM


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