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Monday, July 24, 2006

12 miles and countin!

12 miler on Saturday -- check
Longest run to date -- check
faster than a 10 min/mi pace -- check

Yes, with a little more planning and a little luck with the weather, my run went well this weekend. I didn't try to push the pace at all and made it in at a 9:55 pace for my longest run ever to date!

Friday night I ate some homemade spaghetti and a bowl of Grape Nuts Trail Mix cereal before bedtime. I went to bed at about 10:00 and set the alarm for 5:45 am. I was up and at it by 5:50 but I didn't rush things. I had a half a cup of coffee and filled my camelbak. (Yes, I just can't resist the ease of water riding on my hips -- at least it is the runner's version).

I bought two powergels the night before and loaded them in the camelbak along with my cell phone. I had mapped out a little bit of a different route that took me to downtown Tupelo and around the old historic courthouse. I got out the door at 6:20 and it was a bit warmer than I anticipated.

The run went fairly well. I had to battle diarrhea off and on from miles 5 to 9. I am not sure what that is about unless it was the Grape Nuts the night before. I took my first powergel at around 4 miles and the second around 8 1/2. I made sure to get the ones with caffeine, as they seem to give me a bit more spunk.

I had a semi-close call with a car but, otherwise, the run went great! The only concern as I type this on Monday night is a pain on the bottom/side of my left foot about two inches below my pinkie toe. This has been bothersome lately but has seemed to get a little worse with the longer runs. I am not sure what it is. My shoes currently have 257 miles on them so I wouldn't think they are wearing down yet. It is not like the plantar fascillitis I dealt with a year and a half ago either. I am going to keep an eye on it.

This week I have 31.5 miles planned with a 13.5 mile run scheduled for Saturday! After that I am going to want a little feedback on where I should go with my long runs and when I should taper (and how long of a taper run). I hope everyone is having a great week running!!!


Blogger PLANET3RRY said...

Great job!

sounds like a well executed run...

next stop... the half marathon mark!

6:53 AM

Blogger Phil said...

Shane ... fabulous run! So how does it feel to make it to the 10 mile mark? This is a big accomplishment.

I'd be a little cautious pushing from 10 miles to 13.1 miles in one step, especially with your foot complaining a bit. Most plans I've read suggest stepping up the long run 2 miles every 2 weeks. I've never followed this guideline, but I haven't tried to increase my long runs more than a mile at a time (just chicken maybe) This isn't an absolute, just a thought. You still have 5 weeks (I think).

As for your foot: put an frozen water bottle, or something else roundish on the floor and roll that part of your foot over it for 15 minutes or so after each run. This should cut down on the inflammation and let whatever is bugging you to settle down. Your shoes should still be OK. I assume you are running on a pair with lots of cushioning..

Again, congratulations. Hitting the 10 mile mark is something many runners never achieve. And you did it with a camelback strapped to your waist.

12:46 PM

Blogger Shane (mississip) said...

AW MAN! It was TWELVE miles, not ten! Don't cheat me on my two miles! :-) I will actually be jumping a mile and a half in my next long run so hopefully I will be okay. I will try the water bottle trick. Thanks to both of you for the encouragement!

4:00 PM

Blogger Phil said...


Evidently I flunked basic English reading. I see you not only past the 10 mile mark, but made it all the way to 12. This is way cool!

I'd still try another 12 miler next weekend before going for 13, but it's your call of course. You are soooo very close.

Cogratulations, you're even further along than I thought.


6:42 PM

Blogger Dusty said...

Hi Shane - thanks for visiting my blog. Glad I haven't seen a skunk yet!

Congrats on the long run! That is really great! 12 miles is a big deal!

As far as the toe - I agree with Phil on the ice. What about your socks - any chance you are getting seam there? Check the inside of your shoe and under the insert - maybe a piece of cloth or something? If it rubs & feels like a possible blister or something coming, you can put a thin coat of vasiline on your foot before you put on your sock. That usually does the trick if it is from rubbing.

7:12 AM

Blogger Shane (mississip) said...


Thanks for checking out MY blog. The soreness seems more internal and I've noticed it hurts when I flex my forefoot. I have been icing it but hot baths seem to make it feel better. Course I've been popping the profins too!

5:28 AM


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