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Saturday, February 04, 2006


That's what my 2-year old says when he accomplished something: I did it! I did it! Well, I did it too: 8 miler this morning! And not only did I do it, I did it fast! (for me, of course)

After my "failings" on Thursday, I decided to do the ultimate workout this morning. I would do my usual upper body strength training workout and follow that up with a long run at the 1/2 mile track outside the Wellness Center. The Wellness Center track is a meandering 1/2 mile asphalt track I ran on when I was in college. I usually run well here, maybe because of the memories.

I decided to check my split times today, something I rarely do for some reason. I don't know if it was because of the cold, but I ran the first mile WAY too fast for a long run (for me) - app. 8:00 min/mile. I slowed down and targeted 9 min/miles. To my surprise, I was able to pretty much maintain this throughout the run. I ran 6 miles in under 54 minutes - more than 2 minutes faster than I have done it before! I finished the run at 1:12:39 - about a 9:05 min/mile pace! I was really excited because this was a pretty good effort for me.

As I write this at 11:30 this evening, I don't feel any real soreness, just tired legs. I guess my lower back is a little sore. Overall I have a great feeling of accomplishment. For a good calorie deficit, I ran 8.5 miles on Thanksgiving day last year, but ran it almost a minute slower per mile than I did today.

The 5K Heart Run is exactly 8 weeks away. I have the feeling I should back off my long runs a little and target more speed workouts before then but I'm not really sure. I know the course is pretty flat so I don't have to worry about hills too much. Any suggesstions out there are welcomed!

Hope everyone is having a great weekend!


Blogger PLANET3RRY said...

Excellent work! If you ever shoot for a PR in a race, start out faster than you normally would. 9 out of 10 times, you will have a faster time if you run positive splits for a 5k than if you try to "speed up" during the run. Plus, if you start out fast, your "relative speed" to others will be such that even though people will pass you, you'll finish ahead of more people than if you started out slower!

email me at 'mr.arfns' at my 'gmail.com' addy and I will give you the skinny on the survey stuff that I do for free swag!

11:52 AM

Blogger PLANET3RRY said...

Can you turn on your RSS feed for this blog? or if it's not the blogger default... I'd like to stay updated when you update.

Go Vols! The Lady Vols wiped up Arkansas in the 2nd half

11:54 AM

Blogger Shane (mississip) said...

I think I changed it in my settings so it will be available. Let me know if it worked and how to do it because there a few I would like to do too!


2:38 PM


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