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Tuesday, January 03, 2006

Barking Dogs and Trail Running

O.k. I admit it to the world - I am a little afraid of dogs. You see, at a tender age I was chased onto my swing set slide by a huge monster of a jack russell terrier and, although I didn't have proof, I swear today that it kind-of, almost, bit me!

Well, I took off on the neighborhood running-slash-horse-slash-old service road trail with a total there-and-back distance of 3 miles planned. Yet, when I was almost to the end of the "there" part, I heard what sounded like a three-pack of big dogs going crazy barking, trying to figure out where I was on the trail. Not only did I turn around but I ended up having a nice negative split and a great pace for the run! (for me of course).

Now I know these dogs, had they discovered me, could have been just as likely to lick me than actually bite me, but it is that bite me possibility that scares me. So now my trail running is in a flux, at least at this neighborhood trail. But I don't plan to give up! I will just try to work in some time at some of the trails that seem safer (or further from wandering dogs) that I will have to drive to on the way home from work.

Sure it would be a lot more convenient to run the one that's only a mile from my house, but you never know if, around that next bend, there's a cocker spaniel waiting to eat your leg off! More on my next trail outing later!



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