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Sunday, January 15, 2006

No fat picture this week!

After struggling the last two weeks to reach my goal, apparently all I needed was a little incentive! After threatening to post my worst fat picture if I didn't reach my weekly mileage goal, I finally came through! It only took putting the ol' pride on the line to keep me motivated!

Not that I'm embarrassed by the weight I have lost. I feel pretty accomplished to have taken off 76 pounds now and kept it off. But that picture of mine is pretty bad and would be pretty embarrassing. Just a week ago some new friends were over and saw a picture of me when I was about 50 pounds heavier. They asked, "Man, is this really you?" I looked pretty bloated to be sure, but not nearly as bad as in the picture I was threatening myself with.

I just know I can't get too comfortable and I need to keep pressing forward toward my goal to lose 20 to 25 additional pounds and increase my mileage and running pace. So the picture worked this week, but I'm not gonna threaten myself with it again just yet. It's a good motivator but like all good parenting, one I only need to pull out when absolutely necessary!


Blogger Rick said...

Congratulations on hitting the goal. After spending time in Monroe, with dinners out, for week one of January, and then spending a week at a Hilton resort hotel in Destin, FL, for week two (with catered meals that included tons of great food), I decided that the new year didn't officially start until today (1/16). So, now I can start on my plans.

8:06 AM

Blogger Jim said...

Shane-congrats on not having to post the picture. Sounds like good incentive to me! Thanks for visiting my site earlier and posting. I'll try to be better at staying in touch. I'll need to look you up next time I'm over in Tupelo. My wife's mother lives in Verona and I'm over there occassionally. Love the the 14.2 miler during the Tupelo marathon. Maybe we can tackle it together!

6:44 PM


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