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Monday, January 02, 2006

Back in...the Saddle...Again

I don't know why I am on a Roy Rogers kick lately when I blog but that's the song that came to mind when naming this post, which is about trying to get started off running well again. I was lazy and didn't run today. I have been sooooo lazy during this vacation that I am scared it is going to affect my running. I didn't even log in Sunday's run until today and it freaked me out when I first logged in and read "no runs yet entered for this year".

I am meeting my friend tommorrow at 5:30 am to work out so I know I will get "back in the saddle" but hope to fire it up again so I can feel better about the short term goals I have. Sunday's run sure felt like a chore and I hope the get that "spring" in my stride pretty soon. I plan to hit the trails sometime in this week so we shall see!


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