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Sunday, January 29, 2006

A Great Week!

It was a pretty great running week for me this week. I met my goal mileage for the week, exceeding it by almost 2 miles for 21.8 miles. Early in the week, I ran my 2-mile speed run faster than I have recently for a 7:56 pace (good for me). I also unexpectly felt so good on a 4-miler on Thursday that I set a new PR for that distance (35:08). My long run this weekend went well and was a great way to finish off the week.

I'm not as fast as a lot of those runners blogging out there who I like to read as inspiration. (Congrats Jim on that 18-miler this weekend!) But I am making progress, especially with my speed lately, and I'm starting to feel like I can reach the goals I set for the year. Nevertheless I felt good about the week and treated myself to some rainbow sushi at Ichibon's Saturday night!

I have targeted my first race for the year: it is about 9 weeks away on April Fool's Day of all days! It is the Heart Run 5k here in Tupelo. I had signed up last year but came down with plantar fascilitis and couldn't run. I wear the T-shirt and even reviewed it in one of my recent blogs. This next one I will get to earn!

I hope you all had a great weekend! If you have any tips about how I can increase my speed and distances at the same time, feel free to drop a line!


Blogger Jim said...

congrats on making your goal and passing it for the week! It is awesome that you can see improvements in your runs. That the way it is-one day things start clicking and it seems like you've reached a different plateau.

Let me know if you would like some company in the run in Tupelo. I need to go to my mother-in-law's sometime this spring. Maybe we can hit Malones for some catfish!


6:44 PM

Blogger Shane (mississip) said...


Sounds great! (even though you'll kill me) But it doesn't take much to talk me into Malone's!


6:31 PM

Blogger PLANET3RRY said...

Shane... great work on establishing a goal, no matter if is a particular race or the number of runs in a week. I have found that having a goal helps keep me movitivated and makes everything else in my life easier as well.

catfish... yummy.

3:25 AM


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