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Monday, January 09, 2006

A BIG FAT.....


That's the number I posted for my weekend miles. A big ol' goose egg. This weekend was supposed to involve a long run on Saturday. I was thinking 5 - 7 miles. We got busy on Saturday so I moved the run to Sunday. No problem. It is still a part of this weeks running stats. But then Sunday rolled through and time got away from me. It's not that I was trying to skip running. It just kind of happened. But it was a wake-up call nevertheless. I have to get more committed.

I am going to focus hard on meeting my goals this week and making more progress in losing weight as well. My weight is up a pound after the weekend! I know it could be Valentine's Day before I know it and I am still at this same plateau. So here is my recommitment for the week:

I will post 20 miles in my running log this week - or - I will post my worst "fat picture" ever on this very blog. Check back this weekend to see what happens....


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