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Saturday, March 17, 2007

Building the Base

I ran an easy 14.5 miles this week. After taking off several weeks of running...uh...who am I kidding.....a couple MONTHS of running, I am focusing on a slow build for my 10K race in May.

I ran only 14.6 miles this week but feel like I had some pretty good runs. I finished off this week with a nice 5-miler on a beautiful 50 degree sunny day. I will build up about a mile and half each week up to a peak of 23 weekly miles, two weeks before the race. In about four weeks from now, I will add in one day that will include either a tempo run or speed work and a long run each week that will cap off at 8 miles.

I have been actually riding the bike more lately, completing a pretty easy 15-miler with 7 church friends last weekend. Cycling takes me back to my childhood and feels almost more like playing than exercising. Plus, I have gotten really into "Cyclism Sundays" on Versus so I can imagine myself in the pelton when I am out there on the roads.

I plan to ride an easy 10 miles tomorrow but I am always a little scared to ride around here with all the crazies and narrow roads. The town I live in is a great community but there are no bike lanes or designated routes. I know I am always taking a chance when I go out there but I enjoy the rides.

I hope everyone has a great St. Patrick's Day!!!

WEARING THE GREEN! Happy St. Patrick's Day!


Blogger Phil said...

Great to see you out running again. It will take some time to build back up to your pre-marathon condition, but taking it easy is the right course of action. You've got plenty of time and want to make sure that your ankel issues don't return.

Have a great weekend.

2:40 PM


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