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Tuesday, May 09, 2006


Well.....not really. But I do now have a claim to 2 seconds of semi-fame!

I have now had a letter to the editor published in Running Times Magazine!

In a recent issue of the magazine, I was disgusted with a column written by one of their columnists that strayed from running and delved into the arena of social issues.

She wrote of a race she had participated in benefiting Planned Parenthood and made fun of individuals that held signs protesting the organization. Her criticism of these individuals seemed particularly evil-spirited as she expressed her disgust and made fun of them. Then she turned right around and praised a friend who won the race when he seized the opportunity to grab the microphone and launch into a pointed speech promoting gun control.

What struck me most about the article was how hypocritical she was to describe their protest as "ridiculous" but laud her friend when he does the very same thing! She even went as far to say he was"leading the way for the rest of us"! It seems to be a prevalent trend with some in our country to attempt to surround themselves only with those that agree with themselves and attempt to limit the right of others to express opposing viewpoints.

Running Times printed only a portion of my e-mail that encouraged us to focus more on the common ground we share as runners; and to try to leave politics out of the run, which was a play on the subtitle of the article. You can check out my two seconds of fame in the June edition of Running Times, a fine magazine, on news-stands now!


Blogger PLANET3RRY said...

Excellent! Good job and point well taken.

I tend to chose my races based on availability and sometimes by charity. I have no problem running in a race that supports the Unitarian Universal...something or other. I'd prefer to run for say, like Girls on the Run that supports girls from the ages 8-13, or even the Greenway Coalition that supports the greenways on which I run. If there was a Planned Parenthood, I'd probably run if the timing was right. But as a runner, I wouldn't go spouting out my ideals and or rants at the race event. I have a blog to do that.

8:18 AM


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