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Saturday, April 15, 2006

End of an Era

Today marks the end of an era in my short re-lived running career: the end of my Nike Shox 2:40 running shoes.

Yep, it was time for retirement after 418.3 running miles. I didn't need my online running log to tell me; I could feel it in my calves and shins! I will have to say that the shoes worked great for me. They saw me through the greatest increase in miles in my lifetime and I had NO injuries while using them. They will now be my "kick-around shoes" for walking in the mall or whatever.
They are officially retired!

It kinda gives me that feeling when I watched Ol' Yeller as a kid.

Naaah, not really.

My awesome wifey took me to Memphis for my birthday weekend (my birthday is actually Monday). We stayed at the French Quarter and went to see the Redbirds play. We LOVE Autozone Park and even though it is only AAA, it has a big league atmosphere. We scored GREAT seats, just 11 rows behind home plate. Here is a picture from our seats of Chris Duncan just before he hit a home run to left center.

The 'birds got creamed but I still won because I had the Redbirds specialty - Bar-B-Q nachos! They pile Rendezvous pulled pork onto nacho chips, sprinkle with dry rub, then pour on the sauce and cheese! I scarfed down all of mine and half of my wife's!

Part of the trip included going to Fleet Feet in Memphis since we don't have a specialty running store in Tupelo. They watched me run up and down the sidewalk to see what kind of shoes I would need. I thought it would have been funny to hit the button on my watch like I was timing my sidewalk splits but I restrained myself. They told me I was only a mild overpronater and I bought a pair of Brooks Axiom 2's that seemed made for my feet! The folks there were very knowledgeable and helpful. I decided to go there from here on out for my running shoes. They were actually $24 cheaper than the Nike's were so I went to a nearby Target and bought another running shirt. I will run about 8 miles tonight so I'll get a chance to try em' out! I'm sure that with my increasing mileage, I will wear these out much sooner than the Nike's I had. Nevertheless............

.............a new era begins:


Blogger PLANET3RRY said...

Happy early birthday! Well wishes for a great running year.

I don't have anything against Brooks but some older models didn't do it for me. I'll probably be ready for shoes late summer and really go for something appropriate which lately I have been going for inexpensive...

1:46 PM


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