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Friday, April 07, 2006

Confession Time


That’s what my running seems to go in: cycles. Just to admit it, I was a little burned out even before the race last Saturday. I have not gone through 6 weeks of this much consistent running IN MY LIFE! But you would have thought that meeting my goal for the race would have really pumped me up and put me on a runner’s high this week. It did…for about a day ….day and a half max.

Maybe I am feeling the low AFTER the race, kinda like the, “O.k., now what?”. Some of you may relate. All I know is getting my lazy rear out of the house this week to run has been more of a chore! That’s why there were no blogs posted this week talking about the ambitious 10K plan I started on Monday.

And not only did it, at least emotionally, affect my running. I found myself cheating a little here and there on my low-fat healthy way of eating. I guess I am an all-or-nothing kind of guy and the eating is just something that goes along with the running and vice versa.

Despite the struggle this week, I was still able to manage to get myself out of the door and out running on each of the planned days this week. And I hit pretty close to my goals too, which is quite an accomplishment considering!

So I have the long run planned tomorrow and, according to schedule, plan to go about 6 ½ miles. Now, as I write this, it is storming here in Tupelo and I can’t say I will be all that disappointed if I get stormed out in the morning. There is always early Sunday morning, or a fresh start next week! J

Yes, I guess I am still wavering. After all, I am going to the Amory Railroad Festival tomorrow with the fam’; and I think I already hear a pronto pup and funnel cake calling my name!


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