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Wednesday, April 12, 2006

Random Running Musings

I skipped my daily run today. I had run three days in a row so far and didn't want to add a hard interval day on top of that! Therefore, I will do my interval workout tomorrow. My birthday is this weekend and we are going to Memphis to celebrate! I see my long run getting seriously cramped.........anyway..........

I had an interesting occurrence just yesterday. I was on a 4 mile run when, after 2.4 miles, my ipod suddenly died. I have been having problems with the ipod recently that seems to be battery related. I didn't know this when I purchased it, but apparently the folks at Apple have some kind of signal they send to ipods approximately 2 - 3 months after the manufacturers warranty runs out. (They wait an additional 12 months if you purchase the warranty extension unless some dufus employee accidentally sends it out at the standard 13 to 14 months.) The signal causes abrupt battery loss that is eventually terminal in nature.

Now don't get me wrong. I LOVE my ipod and will probably shell out another $250 for another one when this one finally and completely goes coput. (And when I can find at least $250 worth of junk to unload in a garage sale.) But with all the technology crammed into those tiny boxes, you sure think they could come up with a way to build a better battery!

This got me thinking, however. I felt like I had to stop the run with the loss of tunes. Actually, I stopped more out of frustration than anything. But I got to thinking, CAN I run without my ipod? I know runners do it all the time but I am pretty much addicted to it. I gotta think I would die from the boredom!

I tested it out last night by running another 2.4 miles with my wife and I let HER have the ipod. It wasn't all that bad but I ran with her the entire time and it was a short run. I can't even imagine running a 10-miler without a single song or podcast!!! We'll have to see, but until then, please add my ipod to your daily prayer list!


Blogger PLANET3RRY said...

and on the third day the iPod started working again...

7:33 AM


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