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Tuesday, March 14, 2006



I know I really should not have pushed it yesterday with a tempo run, what with my long run Saturday and all. But I really wanted to see where I was tempo-wise and it was, after all, on "The Plan". I was pretty happy with my pace yesterday in my 3-miler (8:20) but a little worried because it was difficult to achieve. I only have a couple of weeks and it is going to be hard to maintain that same pace on the "skreets".

So this morning, I felt the soreness more so than I have in a while. My calves were tight and my shins stung to the touch. I don't think this is shin splints - just a reflection of overuse. I've had shin splints before and this hurts more when I touch them - like they are real sensitive. The shin splints I've had in the past hurt primarily when I ran. Of course, it could be my shoes beginning to break down as well. I currently have 323 running miles on them! :-)

All this being said, I skipped the hills segment of my training this week. That's right; I diverged from the plan. But I think it was for the best. The last thing I want is an injury. Tomorrow I plan to avoid any cardio and take a full rest day. Then it is on to some serious speed training on Thursday! I have a lot to do if I want ANY chance of breaking 26 minutes come April 1st!


Blogger PLANET3RRY said...

Frozen peas for about 10 minutes each will help with the shins... else Advil!

You are smart in taking a full days rest... it's better to avoid injury then trying to stick to a plan by the letter. You'll come back stronger and faster.

Dude, get some new shoes! Make sure that you wear them in to condition them before running and speed work or tempo in them. BUt you have plenty of time to break them in before the race.

2:44 AM

Blogger DAvid said...

In my personal opinion I really dont think that you should go straight into speed work after taking almost 2 days off. If any thing i suggest that you put in 4 miler at a maintained pace just to get your legs back underneath you. I really dont think that if your shins hurt that bad that they would agree with speed work right now.

12:08 PM

Blogger Shane (mississip) said...

That's a valid point, but it will actually be only 1 day off since I did the 4-miler yesterday. I actually feel better today but will avoid the speedwork if I still seem pretty sore when I warm up tommorrow. Thanks for stopping my blog and commenting! I am still a newbie and appreciate the feedback!

4:02 PM


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