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Saturday, December 10, 2005

Pre-New Year's Resolution

Ok. So here's a pre-New Year's Resolution: I want to post on my blog more! SO for now on I will at least try to do a weekly entry that summarizes my feelings for the week.

This was a frustrating week for me in the running department. I know sitting in an emergency room with my 2-year-old ALL NIGHT LONG on Tuesday/Wednesday probably did a lot to bonk my running totals this week. But I almost hate to fill out this morning's entry in my running log and see the totals. I have been doing well but it seemed like I just hit a wall this week. Anybody else out there have weeks like this?

It brings me back to one of my early blogs about plateaus. But man! Is this one canyon I have found myself in. Seriously, my weight has not budged for, like, eight weeks! And this is with me eating pretty low-fat and averaging 20 miles a week. It's not like I am splurging a lot. I can't understand it but after the holidays I am going to try to add in some activity in the evenings, cut back on all of my sugars, and not eat after dinner. I guess till then, I'll be happy just to maintain through these next few tempting weeks!


Blogger Rick said...

I will at least try to do a weekly

Two days left, or you've already blown your pre-New Year's resolution.


6:59 AM


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