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Sunday, October 23, 2005

Shane Wins North Mississippi Race for Cure!

Well, not really. But I did beat my wife! With all kinds of friends and family rooting against me (some openly and some secretly) I pulled away at the start and never looked back!

It was a great race which drew over 2,900 runners and walkers and raised thousands of dollars for a great cause. On a cold (for this area) and windy day, I started well and ran the first two miles in 17:30. The wind and my low gas tank slowed me down a bit the last mile and a tenth, but I still managed to meet my goal of under 28 minutes. Just barely! I ran it in 27:59 - just under the wire! This gives me a 8:56 minute per mile pace which I am proud of for now. Tricia came in at 31:55. She took almost three minutes off her 5K time from March of this year and I'm proud of her! More about race goals is coming in a new blog to be published soon!!!


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