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Wednesday, December 07, 2005


I just finished the book, Ultra Marathon Man: Confessions of An All-Night Runner by Dean Karnazes. Here's a guy who has run 226 miles nonstop and is planning to run 500 miles some time soon. Now while I don't expect to get into ultra-running any time soon; it did, for the first time, get me to consider running a marathon next year.

It is a very motivational book for those running or even those exercising to get fit. How a seemingly regular guy can run over 200 miles is astounding!

On a longer run last week, when I really had to push myself, some of his writing came to mind. Now, Mr. Karnazes's "walls" are much more challenging and dramatic than I will probably ever face. However, it came to mind how those of us who are challenging ourselves on a daily basis face our own walls every single day, and in that way are in the same company of athletes like Karnazes.

I was able overcome my wall that day on a run that is probably a tenth of what he averages on his daily runs. But it was a wall nevertheless, that in my mind and at my "physicallity" was callenging. Karnazes has overcome walls that only a select few will face. Lance Arsmtrong has overcome a much greater challenge and has inspired millions with his triumphs.

What "walls" are you facing right now in your life and in your challenge to get fit, or to better your PR's? Who can you inspire by breaking through your walls?


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