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Saturday, November 26, 2005

Thanksgiving Cometh...and Goeth....Thankfully!

Well, another Thanksgiving holiday has come and gone! Which means that Christmas is just a few weeks away and yes, we all probably gained a pound or two. As a mental health professional myself, I don't quite understand the psychology of eating that involves Thanksgiving. If you decide to eat healthy on Thanksgiving, you feel TERRIBLY deprived. So I decided this year that at that special meal on that special day, I was going to enjoy myself. But this mental attitude is hard to just cut on and off. It led me to indulging at other times the last few days: Huge bowls of cereal, frequent snacking, and watching a movie last night, I felt like I ate a half bag of Hershey kisses. Heck, I don't particularly care for those mints at weddings but I've been eating them by the handfuls because my wife has been keeping them around the house. For most of us growing up, we associated Holidays with eating, and when this time rolls around, it's hard to ... just say no. I haven't quite figured out how to splurge at on meal and jump back on the wagon. But I'm trying! I'm trying to use all of my Cognitive behavioral counseling techniques on myself to get back on track but.....what is that I hear? mmmmmmmmm.......a COLD Hershey kiss beckoning from the refrigerator. I'll let you know when I figure this all out!


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