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Friday, June 09, 2006

So nah!!!

I like checking out the site meter stats and seeing how some people find my blog through various google searches. It's neat when someone from New York finds my site through searching for "runner deep calf pain" on google.

My brother recently sent me an e-mail teasing me for misspelling a Blue tick heeler as a "healer". While he was nice enough to e-mail his comment rather than 'dog' me right on the blog, I noticed that I had someone visit my blog through another google search for, yes, a "blue tick healer". So I had a visitor just for my poor spelling! Just think of all the visitors I probably get for the poor grammar as well!!!

The Blue Tick Healer canine - often confused for the Blue Tick Heeler since they look so similar.


Blogger Phil said...


Nice improvement on your running and congratulations on pain free training. Easing off on your eassy runs really works. I ran a 23:01 5k this morning in 90 degree heat after training with nothing but 9:30ish miles for the past 6 weeks. That is, I was able to sustain a pace 2 mintues faster than my easy training pace for 3 miles and hit a PR for me.

I wouldn't recommend a easy pace only training schedule. I was doing it in order to get my core conditioning level up and increase my weekly mileage from a pathetic 15 to 20 miles to a more respectable 40 to 45. With your addition of speed work, I expect to see your posted race times to be better than mine in no time!

Keep running,


5:01 PM

Blogger PLANET3RRY said...


It looks like you'll be running too early for me to meet you anywhere given the distance.

FYI:I'll be on campus from 8-5 each day and will be working out at lunchtime 12-1 from the Aquatic Center.

you can send me an email at mr.arfns at gmail dot com, if your schedule changes, etc.

8:44 AM

Blogger Shane (mississip) said...


If something chnages I will give shoot you an e-mail. We actually are going to do some hiking in the mountains Saturday if the weather holds out which will count as my long run!


9:30 PM

Anonymous Anonymous said...

I am looking for a blue tick healer pup..any suggestions???


11:20 AM


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