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Sunday, June 25, 2006

Back on Schedule

It seems something has gotten in the way of my running schedule over the last few weeks: vacation, work schedule, laziness. But I got back on schedule for the most part this week, completing 22 miles for the week including a long run this morning of eight miles. To top it off, I went mountain bike riding today as well for about 30 minutes to give my legs that good ol' dead-as-dirt feeling!

The long run went pretty well this morning but I thought I ran faster than a 10 min/mile pace. Part of the run was around a park that I can't car measure so I have to question the google pedometer accuracy a little on this one. Actually, the more detailed satellite images for my town just became available so I played with it a lot this weekend to map out various routes.

Next week I am shooting for 25 miles and it will be the first time I have gotten up that high in a while. I will be running the easy pace on the two easy days to try to avoid injury but I am ready to push the pace a bit on Tuesday to see if I can lower my long run pace a bit by race day in September.

You can check out my running log for the week online or here is the basic summary:

Total Miles: 22
Easy Days -- 2 X 3 miles
Speed Day -- 1 (2x1 1/2 mile intervals at 8:52 min/mi and 9:05 min/mi paces -- total 5 miles)
Moderate hot day -- 3 miles at 9:07 min/mi
Long run -- 8 miles at 9:59 pace


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